Who We Are

Singleton Festival celebrates all things food, wine, music and art. This year’s Festival will take place from 29 April – 14 May.

It is a biennial event, with a smaller “Mini” Festival being held the years in between. 2017 will be one of our major event years and Singleton’s seventh Festival.

Singleton Festival’s core purposes are:

  • to highlight and reinforce the value of artistic and cultural endeavors of the local community
  • to encourage the greater community to see and appreciate these endeavors, and
  • to attract external artistic and cultural content of national significance to take part.

Essentially, it is a community-driven Festival based in the NSW Hunter Valley, operated by a committee who invite and collate event submissions of a high standard, cross-promoting them under the banner of the Festival. Community members, creative groups and business owners are encouraged and empowered to get involved and explore new ideas – ensuring a grass-roots authenticity often neglected by larger commercial Festival operations.

Attendance at the last Festival was estimated at 13 000, and included 32 events ranging from specialty art workshops through to a multi-day contemporary music festival.  With an invigorated team and a fresh vision for delivering unique and high quality content, 2017 promises to exceed all previous expectations and affirm its reputation as a significant event within Australia’s regional arts calendar.